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Plants P4, P7, P4A:

Two energy efficient, environmentally friendly bespoke chillers x 2 -30c degrees on duty/standby mode

Plants P3, P8:

Glycol System to -15c degrees

Glycol System +4c degrees

Syltherm System to -30 back up on duty/standby mode

Plant P9:

Syltherm System -30c degrees on duty/standby mode

Water Purification

Plant P4,P4A, P7:

High-quality purified water system x 2

Plants P3, P8, P9

High-quality purified water system

Hydrogenation Plant

High-quality purified water system

Water Cooling

2 x Cooling water reservoir cooled by 5 cell induced draft counter flow evaporative open cooling tower.

Water Waste

State of the art waste water treatment plant.

Steam Plant

Clayton Steam generation plant operating in duty assist mode with back-up steam generation system available.

Thermal oxidiser

Fume Abatement System operating at 1,100oC.

Nitrogen Generation

  • Nitrogen generation units using Liquid Nitrogen x 2
  • Compressed nitrogen PSA plant x 1

Solvent recovery plant

  • 12 bulk fresh solvent underground bunded storage tanks
  • 10 over ground recovered solvent tanks

Air Compressors

  • 3 x compressors supplying compressed air operating in the duty assist standby mode
  • Separate breathing air compression system


Back-up generator for key functions

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